The man Behind the Voice of the Most Famous Anime series of the 90s

The man Behind the Voice of the Most Famous Anime series of the 90s

Who is the man behind the voice of the most famous anime series of the 90s? The man is Canadian. More specifically from a town in the British Columbia district called Burnaby4. He recorded the voice of the main characters of the trending anime series of the 90s. Read further to find out more about him and the series.

Who is this man?

His name is Ian James Corlett. He was born in 1962 and has worked for a long time as a producer, author, and of course, voice actor. His voice acting career is mainly focused on animated series. He started in 1989 doubling the voice of Dr. Wily for Captain N: The Game Master.

Later on, he collected an extensive list of appearances. The most famous series were Cat Dog, the Justice League of 2001, and Nerds and Monsters.

His ability to play voices is reflected on the many credits for more than one voice for a single animated series. For example, in 1998, he played 8 different characters for Salty’s Lighthouse. His voice impersonated human characters like Frank and Eddie, and animated things like the Lighthouse Clock, Ten Cents, and the Zeebee.

Another important appearance in which his voice was recorded for many characters was in 2010 when he recorded Ape Trully, Mr. No Hands, Mighty Ray, and others for Hero: 108.

A striking appearance on TV in what was not precisely an animated series was Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch. This series featured a talking cat called Salem, and Ian lent his voice to him.

Ian also has an extensive list of movies, most of them animated. He played mostly side characters, except in Baby Looney Tunes’ Eggs-traordinary Adventure, where he talked for Baby Taz.


First Anime

His first appearance on Animes started in 1993, where he played several roles for Ranma ½. The English version of this animated series from Japan had his voice for Jusenkyo Guide, Mikado Sanzenin, and Dr. Tofu. The series was a massive success during the 90s and gave him the chance to raise a reputation in the anime field.


His Masterpiece in Anime

Ian’s masterpiece in anime was his participation as the main character of Dragon Ball Z. The boy from Burnaby is widely known for being Goku, but he also played some other characters of the series.

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