Offshore Outsourcing

I’m thinking about expanding my IT outsourcing efforts and reaching into the online, abroad, offshore networks of employment. I’m wondering what the actual ethical quandary with this are. I don’t see any. What I see, is a capitalist society in which all of the companies are trying to maximize their gains. Even when other companies do choose ethical or socially conscious Solutions, this is just part of their brand and part of the way that they are trying to connect with a certain type of demographic. Yoga studios and Health Food suppliers, all sorts of social justice advocacy, this is all to drive profit. By appealing to nice groups, you maximize your potential and one demographic, while definitely sacrificing in the majority of the market. But, it’s kind of like when a city only has one great vegetarian restaurant. Even if 80% of people never step foot inside, a majority of the majority are going to frequent the place. So, I do think that it is important to make money. In my operations, I don’t see a clear way to start cutting costs in a more manageable and controlled method than beginning to do offshore Outsourcing. It’s just that easy. By engaging with high-quality workers in India, I have to potential to create a better product that actually cost less. Now, the actual definition of value, in a business contacts, can absolutely be debated period however, the value to be found in this type of equation is irrefutable. I’m going to start doing it, and I’m going to start maximizing my gains.

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