Money Message – True or False?

What is the money message you are sharing with your future spouse? Are you sharing a message of truth or are you sharing a message of what you believe they want to hear? Tough question right! Shouldn’t be because you know who you are and your future spouse WILL learn the truth whether you are upfront about it now or if you choose to let them find out later.

The difference is if you choose to let them find out later on their own, they may not be happy about the message they hear. They could also believe that it is conflicting with the message you put forth at the beginning of your relationship, let alone as you prepared to walk down the aisle and become one.

Are you really marrying your best friend? If you are marrying your best, then you can tell this person anything and don’t have to sugarcoat it or even feel them about by talking about something else first until you work up enough nerve to have this conversation.

Yes, money is a very emotional topic that affect many people’s life. When you are with the one you love, you must know that the foundation of your relationship is not built on a physical connection, yet that your foundation is built on more. You both have a genuine love for each other and it doesn’t matter what your financial status is, education level, you will be together and stick it out.

My husband and I always joke with each other saying, we know we didn’t marry each other for money because neither of us had any when we met. Therefore, if we could make through those difficult financial stages in the beginning, we could handle anything.

What is the message you are sending to your future spouse? Are you able to stick it out regardless of the income level or will it be If there’s no money, then there is no honey?

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