Few disadvantages of Samsung Gear 360 as reviewed by Users

Few disadvantages of Samsung Gear 360 as reviewed by Users

Like everything that is good, the Samsung Gear 360 also has its downsides, and the users were also fair enough to say what they think is wrong with the camera. They Hope this can help Samsung upgrade on its next version of the camera they love so much. This few negative comments do not downgrade the value or innovativeness of the Samsung Gear 360; it only serves to help Samsung provide a better alternative. It also helps the buyer to make an informed choice in market that is filled with varieties of 360 cameras. However, the Samsung Gear 360 still stands out among this crowd.

The most common and widespread negative review about the Samsung Gear 360 is that the camera’s app does not work with other Android and Apple phones and tablets. It works on only select Samsung phones including Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, S6/S7 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5 phones. Therefore, if you do not have a Samsung phone and not planning to buy any of the above anytime soon, you should reconsider your options. However, because of the unique features of the Samsung Gear 360, you may be tempted to buy both a phone and the camera, which is advisable.

Another little issue customers and techs found with the Samsung Gear 360 is that the lenses can be easily scratched and replacements aren’t available. This would essentially mean the end of your camera. It is advisable to take good care of the lenses, and if possible, search the market for a lens protector to cover it especially when not in use.

Also, the software supports Windows-only and editing without it is difficult at best. You should also put this into consideration while planning to obtain the Samsung Gear 360.  Other minor issues customers complained about include: inclusion of a manual setting for the camera lenses as it was a little poor in the dark, inclusion of a VR headset to get the full effect, being bulky and not easily pocketable, absence of a charging brick, hard to hold at times, takes times to transfer the pictures, hard to use interface, inability or difficulty to save photos on phones `SD card, it takes longer time to transfer longer clips (here it is advisable to keep the videos as short as possible).

Despite this little issues noted above, you should be sure that the next 360 cameras from Samsung will still be the best.

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