Fast rising scooter company

I was recently in Berlin, and I had to ask about these amazing little scooters. I kept seeing them everywhere, and I just felt the need to ask about them. I wanted to know where they were from, and what the big deal about them was why they were so popular. So, I started asking some locals and I found out that they were made by UNU. UNU makes amazing electric scooters that are super convenient and quite affordable. Also, one thing that separates them from the rest, is that they don’t actually make a scooter until you order it. So, using their website, you choose the color of pieces that you want, and the power of the engine, and they make your electric scooter to order. It’s like the difference between a fine restaurants and a fast food restaurant. Here, it’s always made for you’re unique tastes. This is quite substantial when you compare how the automotive industry technically Works, which is sort of a mass production distribution system that allows no creativity or productivity, and involves a lot of environmental destruction. No, these are a smoother, slicker, more environmentally conscious option, and I think that people are going to really move in this direction as the next Generations come to pass. I was so impressed that I kept seeing these, and I think that I will not be seeing less of them in my future time in Germany, I think that they will only begin to rise in popularity even more. They have a lot of momentum, UNU, and I don’t see that slowing down considering they are ahead of the game on a global need.
If I could, I’d elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)



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