Premarital Financial Counseling Louisiana

Premarital Financial Counseling whether in Louisiana or another state, should be required. Within the marriage industry it is known that premarital counseling reduces the risk of divorce by 30%. Can you imagine how that number would increase if it included finances! Finances is one of the top reasons for divorce; yet many couples are not having this crucial discussion until they are dealing with money issues so strong that they are headed towards divorce.

The time to discuss finances is prior to getting married during the engagement. What each person needs to deal with is who they are as an individual when it comes to money? How did they handle money on their own? Would their financial problem skills say they are ready for marriage or would it make your bride think you should wait a while before getting married.

Think about it, would your financial picture say to your bride or groom that you deserve to enter into a marriage and have a joint bank account or even get a credit card together. When you ask yourself that question you may decide not to be so quick to say you should have joint accounts after you say “I Do”.

If it premarital financial counseling were required, it may even save some couples from going down the aisle because couples would be REQUIRED to also share their credit reports. Oh yea, I know that is entirely another post on should they share their reports.

Couples should get premarital financial counseling so that they know how to be good financial problem solvers and work together as a team. Financial compatibility is important. Granted you will have some differences and that works as long as you know how to make those differences work for the benefit of your marriage.

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