Premarital Financial Counseling: Will you continue to Mask about your Money Issues before Marriage?

What an awesome time I’ve been having during Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ Virtual Book tour. Today, January 26th was kicked off with my show – Bride and Groom Money Talk Radio discussing premarital financial counseling topics such as Money and Marriage Lessons from the POTUS State of the Union Address which you’ve already read. Then I was getting a couple of tasks done before my first interview with Nicole Cleveland, author of “So He Cheated Now What” on Breathe Again Radio.

As I was preparing for her to come on, I was listening to her intro prayer and it talked about how people are uncomfortable. Money is one of those issues that make people uncomfortable to the point of some people ending up losing their homes or cars when they could have talked with somebody and not gotten to that point. Brides and grooms how many of you are wearing a mask when it comes to your money before you getting married? You look good on the outside as if your finances are in place, but behind closed doors – you are losing sleep at night, knowing that you may behind on your bills or have some outstanding obligations that you future spouse doesn’t know about.

Masking about your money is not an issue you should hide. So many people think they can keep a secret when at the end of the day, it always comes to the light whatever the secret is. Why not be honest with yourself about your financial behavior and then take the “HIGH ROAD” as one my colleagues would say and reveal to your future spouse about your finances. This way there are no secrets that can make them run the other way or feel as if you have deceived them.

When people hide money secrets, the other spouse could easily think oh you married me for my money and that was going to be your way of getting out of financial trouble. Hear me good – A husband or a wife is not a financial plan. Is it really worth risking your upcoming marriage to have this secret? Do not let what you have done with money destroy your upcoming marriage and relationship.

While I was on Breathe Again Magazine, Nicole asked me about the different accounts and what did I think. You should tune in and listen to the entire interview.

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