Who buys the Wedding Rings?

During my interview last week on Relationships 360, the host asked me who did I think was responsible for buying the wedding rings and how much should be spent? I shared that I felt the bride should buy the grooms ring and he should buy hers. They should be within their agreed upon budget and not start out their marriage with wedding debt. I don’t feel that it should be just one person’s responsibility to buy the rings. In the ceremony there is an exchange of the rings. Seriously if the bride and the groom want to set thet one for teamwork and partnership in the marriage, this is one way to start. Each person buying the other’s ring says to me that they are not relying on one person to pay all the bills throughout the marriage. Furthermore, the bride will not expect for the groom to pay for everything whether it be anniversary gifts, etc.

I remember when my husband and I were planning our wedding ceremony and even though we were doing a Justice of the Peace we were looking at buying each other a ring. What ended up happening was that one of my best friends gave us my ring and then I went out and purchased my husband’s ring. That was such a fun time and set a different tone than others would have expected. Considering we are both givers, there have been times when I paid for trips in full and all he had to do was pack a bag and vice versa. It’s important that brides and grooms remember, start out the way you want to continue. The different decisions you make during your engagement will truly set the tone for your marriage.

Begin now creating the memories and decision making skills that you want to see carried out throughout your marriage. Each person will receive a message from how things are handled.

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