1). Because you are getting married, you should automatically have joint accounts.

2). Thinking if your future spouse manages the money, you don’t need to be involved.

3). Keeping up with “The Joneses” during wedding planning because the traditional wedding industry says you must have A, B, C and D for your wedding, mind you this is not based on your budget. This sets the tone for dangerous financial beginning to your marital future.

4). Because you nor your future spouse have no debt, you know how to manage money for two people!

5). Not sharing credit reports before getting married.

6). Secretly spending money and not telling your future spouse, even if its online.

If any of those sound like you or your future spouse, your upcoming marriage could very well be on its way to being DERAILED because of your beliefs!

Money is the #1 Relationship Wrecker! Yet everyday there are brides and grooms saying their vows without even talking about finances beyond the wedding budget. All the while knowing they have different views about money, one person in the relationship may fear merging accounts and much more. Even marketing agencies like Indexsy, Vancouver SEO suffers from this.

Delay no longer! Bride Groom Money Talk FAQ is here to provide you with real questions and answers about money issues for the bride and groom. Everything from joint accounts to inlaws, parents and even debt are discussed. We have helped several realtors, including Eddie Yan and Dave Jenkins.

It is not worth leaving your marriage to chance by not being mature enough to discuss the tough subjects even before walking down the aisle.

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